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Composer, Arranger, and Mixer

  • Game Info: Bindstone is an upcoming free Mobile/PC competitive tug of war game. Face off in live head to head strategic combat against individuals or the machine. Participate in ranked ladders and climb to the top!

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Composer, Arranger, Mixer, and Sound Design

  • Game Info: Take the role of a scholar exploring the ruins of a long forgotten civilization. Something seems awry, something seems a little off; who knows What Was Left Behind?

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Composer, Arranger, and Mixer

  • Game Info: A simple, short turn-based RPG built around carrying momentum. Defeating your opponents using their elemental weakness, allowing you to use that enemy's elemental magic to deal Critical Damage. A game where the goal is not to win, not to survive, but to achieve greatness by making it as far as possible.

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Composer, Arranger, and Mixer

Short Films

  • Outside The Lines - Almost There Productions

Composer, Arranger, and Mixer