Monish Corona is a video game music composer in the Southern California area, specialising in orchestral and electronic music. His passion for creating music started at a very early age, and fell in love with video game music from the various games he played. He has been inspired by famous composers, such as Yoko Shimomura, Jeremy Soule, Nobuo Uematsu, and many others. This, and his love for classical music, inspired Monish to write his own composition. His works cover several genres, and is mostly influenced by his interest in classical, jazz, electronic, and rock music.

Monish also occasionally performs in the South Bay area of Los Angeles as a drummer, pianist, vocalist, and ocarinist. 

Video Game music has always been ingrained into his musical development. It has had a deep and personal meaning to him, and is certain that it will still have an affect to him as a musician and composer. Since then, Monish has made music for the industry and has always strived for ways to be creative with his work.